Frank Whitford

The art historian and critic Frank Whitford, who has died suddenly aged 72 of a suspected heart attack, was one of Britain’s leading experts on 20th-century German and Austrian art. During his varied career, he lectured on the history of art at University College London and Homerton College, Cambridge, wrote several books and served as a newspaper art critic. From 1983 onwards he was a senior member of Wolfson College, Cambridge.

Frank also worked on and off as a cartoonist for daily papers. “Almost daily for four years or so,” he later wrote, “I churned out a pocket cartoon, trying to be funny and politically astute at the same time. I was rarely if ever successful, which explains why my career was so short, only briefly extended by changing papers and editors in midstream.” You could always recognise his cartoons because, as he explained, he could not draw feet and left

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