Fred Holcomb at Linda Hodges: Landscapes on the move

To describe Seattle painter Fred Holcomb’s work as “drive-by art” makes it sound like something gimmicky or cheesy. But even the quickest survey of “Landscape Paintings,” his new show at Linda Hodges Gallery, makes clear his oils on canvas are subtle and sublime.

In his artist’s statement, Holcomb explains that his paintings are “generated from a lifetime of road trips.” Many of them, he adds, conjure scenes of the rural West passed “at freeway speed.”

Others, while exquisitely done, are more traditional. In “Beach,” “Green Lake with Duck Island” and “Outlet” (a panoramic view of a river estuary), it is nature that’s in motion. Holcomb, here, views big skies, wide expanses and quiet ripple effects from a calm, fixed vantage point.

But his breakthrough work finds him on the move.

“Trailer Park,” a prime example, is all about velocity. Everything in the foreground — roadside weeds, railroad embankment, lines of fir trees — is

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