From Broadchurch to Coronation Street, let’s not confuse art with life

We then join the action in the second series. Viewers are abandoning the series in their millions in the wake of much criticism about the programme’s inconsistencies, factual errors and lack of realism. The cast is largely the same, the picturesque, haunting scenery is as captivating as ever, but, within a Hollywood minute, a soaring example of home-grown drama has become a turkey.

Since when did a fictional drama series have to be a documentary? Sure, there are factual mistakes in this series – the courtroom drama which is the backdrop to the action has played fast and loose with legal process – and there are times when the programme demands quite a serious suspension of disbelief, like when one of the central characters, having that day given birth at home, turns up at court carrying what seems to be a six-month old child.

I am fully aware that it

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