Galleries: Different views showcased at Long View Gallery

David Douglas also refers to his work as painting, but it’s photo-based and black-and-white. The Alexandria resident alters the image before and after printing, adding scratches and watery overlays and intensifying areas of light. The pictures here are rustic landscapes and close-ups of flowers, basically realistic but with a beguiling other-worldliness.

James Hunter and Lea Fisher are the more traditional of the quartet, although not all that traditional. Hunter, a Briton who was one of Damien Hirst’s assistants, combines color-field painting with brightness and simplicity reminiscent of pop art, and even more of anime. His canvases feature large, single-hued provinces, separated by jagged multicolor borderlands. Fisher’s work is closer to abstract expressionism, but with thickly impastoed gestures. The Texas artist’s work is more vigorous than Hunter’s, but both have found different ways to reach a similar balance of pictorial chaos and calm.

New Year/New Artists

On view through Feb. 9 at Long View

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