Gallery of Stardust memories

He’s back in the charts and now David Bowie has made an exhibition of himself. Jill Lawless reports

From glam jumpsuits to printed suits, outfits from Bowie's tours are on display at the VA Museum in London. Photo / AP

When did the modern era begin? With the Renaissance? With Elvis Presley?

For a generation of music-loving Brits, it started on July 6, 1972, when David Bowie performed the song Starman on the TV show Top of the Pops.

Viewers had never seen anything like the androgynous orange-haired figure in a jumpsuit, singing about aliens while draping his arm teasingly around guitarist Mick Ronson and offering a lyrical benediction to “let all the children boogie”.

Lonely teenagers in suburban bedrooms across the land were entranced and, in many cases, inspired.

The ripples from that moment help explain why a major new multimedia exhibition about Bowie at London’s Victoria and Albert

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