Game Picks: The dark and elegant ‘Limbo’ now on PS4

One of the nice aspects of modern digital distribution is that classic indie games are now often available – quickly and inexpensively – on the newest console systems. Designers looking to extend the life cycle of a previous title can reissue their games on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or Nintendo eShop. I sense an example is in order….

Recently ported to the PlayStation 4, the 2011 indie game “Limbo” ($9.99, rated T) is a dark and elegant piece of work that deserves a wider audience. It’s often cited by those who argue that video games can indeed be considered works of art. With its monochrome design and grim existential themes, it’s like a digital age riff on German Expressionism. But, you know, in a fun way.

Like so many good independent games in this arena, “Limbo” takes a focused and minimalist approach. It’s a bare-bones side-scrolling platformer, essentially, heavy on atmosphere

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