Gaming: All Inclusive Art Vacation

Borderlands 2 header

Why is gaming an All Inclusive Art Vacation you ask? A culture bases itself on many different principles, what food we eat, what we drink, what cars we drive, what music we enjoy, what we watch on TV, what books we read, what art we like, and about 7 and a half million other things. All of those are great. People use books, music, movies, and art to take mini-vacations from their lives for many reasons. But, there is one thing that sets itself apart because it includes movies, art, books, and music, all in one awesome little package. That one thing is, of course, games.

Sometimes great art is the form of the cel-shaded graphics of highly acclaimed first person shooter, Borderlands 2, or the attempted realism set within the fantasy universe of the Skyrim. (Take a peak

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