German Expressionism: A Revolutionary Spirit

German Expressionism: A Revolutionary Spirit

Through Sept. 14 at the Baltimore Museum of Art

In the last 20 years, our understanding of space and time have been altered by new technologies; the political system and the economy are fractured and uncertain; increasing numbers of young people are alienated and unemployed. We are fucked, but it is exhilarating. We’re utopian but we’re also weary, cynical, and blasé. We long for nature, love the city, and hate both. Or hate ourselves in both.

All of this could describe the artists brought together in the BMA’s German Expressionism: A Revolutionary Spirit as well as it describes us. And the comparison seems especially apt at the moment, at a time when the internet has challenged the nature of art—or representation—in much the same way that photographs and motion pictures did a century ago, and artists are seeking the authentic, the gestural, the wild, and the human. So,

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