German expressionism in Genoa, from Kirchner to Nolde

Rome, February 19 – An exhibition of roughly 150
works of German Expressionism will be at Genoa’s Palazzo Ducale
from March 5 until July 12.
Paintings, prints and drawings on loan from Berlin’s Brucke
Museum document the artistic revolution and the ferment that
swept Europe towards WWI on the 100th anniversary of Italy
joining the conflict in 1915, with many works by the movement’s
The exhibition, entitled ‘From Kirchner to Nolde. German
Expressionism 1905-1913’ was curated by Magdalena Moeller,
director of the Berlin museum with which Palazzo Ducale worked
closely for the exhibition.
The works chosen illustrate the vision of radical renewal
held by a group of artists determined to build a bridge between
classical Neoromanticism and an entirely new style. The term
‘German Expressionism’ owes its origins mainly to the foundation
of the

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