Getting to the ‘art’ of the matter

Kirsten Pitts and Tracy McKenna are the Friends of Greenwich Library’s in-house art experts, donating their time and substantial knowledge of art history, studio, gallery and museum exhibits to the Flinn Gallery, which is located on the library’s second floor.

In the context of the recently opened Flinn Gallery show, “Albertini + Spillmann,” Pitts and McKenna share their thoughts on books related to sculpture and portraiture.

Pitts: The library’s collection is pretty amazing. You can stand in front of the books and find your area of interest; any type of research is available. You think that your interest doesn’t exist — well, you are going to discover it at the library and the depth of resources will surprise you.

McKenna: You’ve got to go into the stacks. The book you were looking for will be surrounded by a dozen books you didn’t even know existed, but now you have to borrow.

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