Ghosts of the Joads echo through this ‘House’

NEW YORK — Marianne Weems, cofounder and artistic director of the Builders Association, has long been averse to conventional kitchen-sink realism. Since her experimental theater company’s seminal 1994 production of Ibsen’s “The Master Builder,” in which a three-story house was gradually broken apart and dismantled on stage, Weems and her Obie Award-winning group have been pushing the boundaries of the theatrical form — enveloping audiences in a multimedia-saturated milieu that blends flickering video projections, sophisticated sound design, innovative architecture, and stylized performance.

“A lot of theater doesn’t really speak to me, because it’s not an accurate frame for the world that we live in,” Weems says over the phone from Pittsburgh, where she leads the graduate directing program at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Drama. “People very rarely sit in a room today with no media and just focus on one conversation at a kitchen sink. That kind of theater is

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