Glen Allen painter Bill Kendrick is an artist for all time

GLEN ALLEN, Va. (AP) — Bill Kendrick is still painting, ever reinventing himself as an artist, even as he approaches age 87. He has slowed a little recently, he admits, but that’s to be expected after you fall off a roof.

Always determined to find the best light, Kendrick climbed atop his backyard studio in Glen Allen last fall with the intention of pruning a few tree limbs that were blocking the sun. What he did instead was tumble off the roof, landing first on the hard ground 7 feet below and then in a hospital, where he was treated for broken ribs and internal injuries. He’s well on the mend now.

“That’s where I grabbed the gutter,” said Kendrick, pointing to a significant detour in an otherwise straight edge across the studio roofline before turning his attention to the ground. “There was a metal chair here. I hit the chair. I

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