Google doodle celebrates Munshi Premchand’s 136th birth anniversary

Google had a treat for Indian literature fans on Sunday. On the Google India home page, rested a doodle dedicated to the great writer Munshi Premchand on his 136th birth anniversary.

The doodle, inspired by his novel ‘Godaan’, reflects a rural India, which influenced most of Premchand’s works.

Premchand has been often considered to be one of the foremost Hindustani writers of the twentieth century. His novels highlight the plight of the poor and the urban middle-class, and take on a rationalistic outlook. His work, though mostly fiction, has a strong foundation is realism.

Premchand wrote over three hundred short stories and fourteen novels along with essays and letters, plays and translations. Many of his works have also been translated into English and Russian after his death.

His last completed work ‘Godaan’, is the most

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