Graham Sutherland and the Romantic Landscape at Oriel Parc Gallery …

Graham Sutherland first visited Pembrokeshire in 1934, a trip he later recalled in his Welsh Sketch Book letter, published by Horizon magazine in 1942.

“I was visiting a country, a part of which, at least, spoke a foreign tongue,” he wrote. “And it certainly seemed very foreign to me, though sufficiently accessible for me to feel that I could claim it as my own.”

For Sutherland, Wales was where he “began to learn painting” and where he “felt as much a part of the earth as my features were part of me.”

Although he returned to his studio in Kent to work on the final oil canvasses, the Welsh drawings and watercolours convey the energy and adventure of an artist in thrall to landscape.

Here, a selection of the works he produced during this fertile period can be seen in the setting which inspired them. One of his best Welsh oil paintings,

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