Greencastle-Antrim High School seniors showcase their art

Click photo to enlargeGREENCASTLE – High School Senior Nick Pattilo, 18, decided that he didn’t want his themed pieces for the senior show to focus on a subject, but on a feeling.

His work, which consists of mostly portraits done with acrylic paint, are bright pieces with swirling colors inspired partially, he says, by the artist Jackson Pollock.

“My theme is abstract impressionism,” Pattilo said. “It’s the feeling of art and focusing yourself on an emotion rather then a subject.”

And some emotions expressed themselves more easily then others.

“Anger was a hard one,” he said. “I think curiosity is the one that shows most.”

Pattilo and five other Greencastle-Antrim High School seniors showed off their work, a culmination of work through their art classes, on Sunday afternoon in the barn at Allison-Antrim Museum.

One student was unable to attend

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