Guy Ribes’s Paintings Lend Realistic Touches to ‘Renoir’

Many would consider the images art. The authorities considered them evidence. All are from the case file of Guy Ribes, the convicted French art forger whose hands have copied some of the world’s great masterpieces and are currently starring in Mr. Bourdos’s new movie.

“Renoir,” which opens in New York and Los Angeles on Friday, is a highbrow domestic drama, set in 1915. It focuses on Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Michel Bouquet), the giant of Impressionism; his son Jean, the future giant of cinema; and the woman who would become the father’s last model and the son’s first wife. Writing in The New York Times, the critic Stephen Holden described it as a “gorgeous film” that “visualizes the world as observed by an enfeebled artist who is kept alive by his obsession with

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