"Hallowed Absurdities" exhibit lends a view of the ranch that’s both funny and …

“Trophy #14,” 1986, mixed media, by Theodore Waddell. Courtesy

On the ranch, death is relatively commonplace.

Animals get sick or are struck by vehicles. They wander off and die in the cold. Life is short out there, but circular as well.

“When things die out on a ranch, you just have to deal with it. Deal with everything,” said Theodore Waddell. “The grief and the disposal, too. In the city, they say we lead a bucolic existence, and that’s not true at all.”

Dealing with it is one of the major themes of Waddell’s sculpture show, “Hallowed Absurdities,” which is currently showing at the Fort Collins Museum of Art. An artist and rancher, Waddell’s work uses real animal hides, bones and other remains to comment on a variety of topics in and around Western life.

Born in Montana

Article source: http://www.wyomingnews.com/articles/2015/01/18/entertainment/02_hallowed%20absurdities_theodore_waddell_art_exhibit_fort_collins.txt

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