HD broadcasts in NH highlight colorful life of Impressionism pioneer

A plain lady eating grapes, a very fine lady waiting for a train and a young woman behind a bar.

Edouard Manet’s everyday subjects are forever captured on canvas carrying out the mundane. But their faces are anything but ordinary. One is hiding something, the other is defiant, the last heart-achingly broken. For Manet, this is life.

“Manet Portraying Life,” a glimpse of the 19th-century French artist who helped guide the movement from Realism to Impressionism, will be showing at several New Hampshire venues on Thursday, April 11, including The Colonial Theater in Keene, the Peterborough Players, and Newington Fox Run Stadium. Part of “The Exhibition Series,” the film begins with a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts in London, where a career retrospective of Manet’s works awaits.

Painting a New Path

“This is a chance for cinema audiences worldwide to have an up-close and personal showing of the work of

Article source: http://www.unionleader.com/article/20130411/NEWHAMPSHIRE01/130419801

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