Highland Park artist interprets beauty

For artist Polina Reisman, the idea of beauty is far from media portrayals of the tall, thin model walking the runway. In fact, she believes beauty is quite the opposite: It’s in the imperfections and quirks that make people unique.

To try to convey that vision of beauty, the Highland Park woman and two other artists are showing their paintings and sculptures in a new exhibit at The Art Center-Highland Park called “Beauty Imperfect,” which explores the concept of beauty and tries to reclaim the term by celebrating the female form in various life stages.

Reflected in the art are the lined faces of real women, meant not to show their age but their vitality and wisdom; folded flesh, revealing not a lack of exercise but maternal love; and graying hair, intended to embody confidence rather than accumulated years. The works “demonstrate the beauty of the feminine imperfection,” said Erin Saltsgaver of

Article source: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/suburbs/highland_park_deerfield/ct-tl-lk-0321-entertainment-20130321,0,3594514.story

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