History still lives strong in three grand Roseville houses

There is so much history to be found within Roseville, you just have to know where to look. One afternoon, while I was driving near the corner of Oak and Taylor streets, the beautiful architecture of a Victorian home piqued my interest into its past. After researching the address, as well as two others within the area, I learned not only their history but the sad reality that some of these structure’s futures remain uncertain.

The Haman House

Built by William Haman in 1909, this home has literally witnessed the city of Roseville’s birth, and continued growth for over a century. Upon his arrival in town, Haman took over duties to run the newly established Placer County Winery, which was located just across the street. Sadly, Mrs. Haman didn’t get to enjoy the home for very long, dying a few months after an operation in 1913. It was documented that she was

Article source: http://www.thepresstribune.com/article/4/24/15/history-still-lives-strong-three-grand-roseville-houses

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