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If ever you find yourself on Pawleys Island along the coast of South Carolina, you might drive past a little street known as Dagullah Way.

It features some shops, eateries and a few homes on an average palmetto, oak-lined drive. You might think it is named for a local person or family or that it is Native American in origin, but in fact it’s a play on words alluding to a rich cultural heritage – the Gullah, or Geechee people.

Descendants of slaves from Sierra Leone in West Africa, the Gullah reside in rural coastal communities on the islands off the Southeast U.S. coast. They are known as Gullah in North and South Carolina and Geechee in Georgia and Florida. With more than three centuries of relative isolation from the rest of the world, these peoples grew into a unique nation with their own language and customs (some you might know,

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