Hong Kong art explosion: What to see this month

‘Tis the season for art in Hong Kong.

Increasingly each year, the month of May ushers in a flood of modern and contemporary art events, anchored by Art Basel in Hong Kong, the region’s largest contemporary art fair (formerly known as ART HK).

In the past few years, Hong Kong has cemented its place on the international art calendar, with the steady expansion of ART HK, the entrance of several blue-chip Western galleries and the city’s growth — it’s now the world’s third-largest auction market after New York and London.

Whether you have a novice appreciation or a long-time love of art, a penny or a million to spend, a taste for Chinese abstract expressionism or American pop art, there are plenty of opportunities to look, learn and purchase.

Here’s our guide to the key art affairs taking over Hong Kong this month — and our top picks to help you

Article source: http://travel.cnn.com/hong-kong-art-explosion-what-see-month-622451?hpt=travel_hp_herobox

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