Horror reviews: ‘Don’t Look Now,’ ‘It Follows’ and more

These are great days to be a horror movie fan. In theaters, on demand and on home video, fantastic examples of the genre at its best can be found, pushing buttons and delivering scares.

We took a trip to the dark side, and have come back with the scoop on four films that are very much worth your time. But be careful, it’s scary out there.

Now available in a stunning Blu-ray presentation from the folks over at the Criterion Collection, 1973’s “Don’t Look Now” deserves a place in the pantheon of all-time great horror films.

Directed by British auteur Nicolas Roeg (1970’s “Performance” and 1976’s “The Man Who Fell to Earth”) and based on a story by “Rebecca” and “The Birds” author Daphne du

Article source: http://www.app.com/story/entertainment/arts/2015/04/03/horror-reviews-look-now-follows/70842224/

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