How Joachim Brohm set the world of landscape photography on fire

The first print on the wall in Places and Edges, the first British show devoted to the German photographer Joachim Brohm, is a photograph of car ablaze on a quiet, tree-lined city street. It is an image both mysterious and deadpan, like much of Brohm’s work, which conveys the ordinary and the everyday in landscapes that – even when they show people doing things – seem oddly empty. Brohm is a European pioneer of colour photography and his images sometimes echo the work of the great American colourists he was inspired by back in the 70s, most obviously Stephen Shore and, to a lesser degree, William Eggleston.

At Brancolini Grimaldi, a big room drenched in natural light, the large-scale prints that take up two walls can be viewed image by image or as two big composite pieces

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