How Nintendo took over the world

At first, my fingers wobbled through the controls. I’d become used to consoles like the PlayStation 3 and Wii. It had been a long while since I’d dabbled in the thrill of retro-gaming, and I was hoping to treat the experience with seriousness and depth. I quickly realized that as I played, my mind genuinely retrieved past knowledge to guide me through the motions. I felt what might be the gaming equivalent of attempting to decode a passage in Chaucer only to realize that I’d been taught Middle English as a child. Soon enough, I was unconsciously remembering button combinations, and visual combinations as well. Though Bubble Bobble was built to enable thousands of different player sequences in order to beat it, I was directly channeling the exact same ones I had as a small child. The experience confounded me.

Though the Nintendo Entertainment System formally made its American debut in

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