How Pop Art Icon Peter Max Became the Quintessential American Artist


Is there any artist more American than Peter Max? Credited with the invention of psychedelic art, there are few people in this country who have not come in contact with his work.  In fact, through his mass media licensing he has become somewhat of a household name.


Max’s studio is a massive 10,000 square foot loft on the Upper West Side of Manhattan filled with  photographs of the artist with every president from Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George Bush and, of course, Barack Obama. The rest of the space is filled with paintings of patriotic icons and pop culture subjects: athletes, the New York City skyline, sporting events, even Taylor Swift have somehow come to find refuge in Max’s work. After contemplating the artist’s past and strategic rise to success, one might conclude that Max was one of the first immigrant artists to completely fulfill

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