How We’ve ‘Morphed’ From “Starry Night” to Planck’s View of the BICEP2 Field

Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night is a finished work of art known to billions. After 13.8 billion years, the Universe remains an unfinished work. Planck Observatory data revealing the Milky Way’s magnetic field is morphed into a Starry Night of June 1889. (Credits: Vincent Van Gogh, ESA, Illustration – J.Schmidt, T.Reyes)

From the vantage point of a window in an insane asylum, Vincent van Gogh painted one of the most noted and valued artistic works in human history. It was the summer of 1889. With his post-impressionist paint strokes, Starry Night depicts a night sky before sunrise that undulates, flows and is never settled. Scientific discoveries are revealing a Cosmos with such characteristics.

Since Vincent’s time, artists and scientists have taken their respective paths to convey and understand the natural world. The latest released images taken by

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