I had just finished reading the blog "In Defense of Boobies".

I had just finished reading the blog “In Defense of Boobies”.

Firstly: I want to say that it was a good read. It made some very good points – I liked it.
If you want, take a read of it here: http://www.destructoid.com/in-defense-of-boobies-252408.phtml

But, despite how good the blog is, I did take issue with one part of the article: Realism.

I was gonna Comment on the article, but there is an error with Disqus. I couldn’t login and post a comment, so I’m gonna copypasta my comment here instead:

[b] “A Good read, but I take issue on the realism concept. A Video Game is a work of art and fiction. The Second we start trying to or continue to pursue realism into a work of fiction, it stops being artistic, and becomes boring.

I’m going into Indie Game design, and I can tell you right now: there will be zero realism

Article source: http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/PlayBoyMan/my-response-to-in-defense-of-boobies--252672.phtml

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