Impressionist artist was once a Nebraskan

Ah, elementary art class. Remember those days? I remember well the day I was given a big piece of paper in elementary school and eagerly started coloring. There was a huge tree trunk and branches that spread and grew toward the sun. It was so big the tree went beyond the top and right side of the paper.

When the teacher saw my masterpiece, she criticized it and said trees aren’t flat on top. Ouch. That was the end of my dreams of becoming a famous artist.

I fell in love with art again when I took a class called Prairie Visions. It opened my eyes to a new, beautiful world. Prairie Visions was made for classroom teachers and showed us how to incorporate art into any subject … even math. It was quite an experience, and I have never been the same since that summer over 20 years ago.

Spending two weeks

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