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In the case of the newest exhibit at Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art in Loretto, size does matter.

“Seeing the Big Picture: Larger than Life Work from the Permanent Collection,” an exhibit of 22 paintings from the museum’s permanent collection, will be on display April 19 through June 15 at the museum, located on the campus of St. Francis University.

“This is a real eye-popper,” said Scott Dimond, curator for visual arts.

“I think the smallest painting still measures at least 50 inches.”

The exhibit is in the museum’s main gallery, which allows visitors to stand back and get the full effect.

“It’s an impressive exhibition,” Dimond said.

The pieces were chosen from the museum’s large-scale collection.

“It’s a rare occasion when we can retrieve these large pieces from storage for the public to enjoy,” he said.

Pieces in the show feature Allen Capriotti’s “Pennsylvania Victorian Restoration,” an oil-on-linen painting that measures 72 inches by 48

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