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Two years ago, Ryan Getzlaf had a dreadful NHL season, scoring 11 goals, looking nothing like the star he was and the star he is now.

And just about everybody thought he was done as a big-time player.

This is how the Maple Leafs look at Randy Carlyle now. They see a terrific coach who had a dreadful season. They scoured the market place — both Dave Nonis and Brendan Shanahan — and kept asking the same question: Who’s better? And the answer they came up with was like one of those Mel Lastman commercials: Nooo-body.

Shanahan and Nonis, in their first major decision together, have taken a most unpopular stance. By not only agreeing to bring Carlyle back as coach, they have given him the keys the dressing room for this coming season and two more after that. That may be logistical — Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment is forever paying someone

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