In Oil Painting

Walking up Thomas Street from North Main, I noticed that the front door of The Providence Art Club’s Deacon Taylor House was ajar, a bright “Open” flag waving gently at its side to call curious passersby in. Once inside the yellow colonial, I spotted Sandra DeSano Pezzullo standing at an easel, spreading paint from a brush onto an oversized canvas.

After greeting me warmly and offering me something to drink, Sandra turns back to the landscape. “This is the part of the painting that’s the hardest,” she says. “It’s almost done but not quite. It still needs something.” Deftly applying more layers of paint, she steps back to examine the piece. “I like the way this is changing,” she says. “Sometimes you look more than you paint.”

The studio is warm and inviting, with various paintings displayed about the room. They’re all for sale, except for the ones on easels –

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