In praise of those hardworking chorus girls

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Itry never to miss a Twenty20 cricket league tournament whether it is played in Pakistan, India, the Emirates or Bangladesh. Or even the 50-overs matches and some of the Tests. Besides providing high entertainment, there are occasions when one witnesses events of immense anthropological interest. Like the 1992 World Cup when a former English cricket deity, Sir Ian Botham, was dismissed for a few runs and a Pakistan cricketer, Amir Sohail, indulging in a bit of tit-for-tat light-hearted banter said, “You should have sent your mother-in-law in to bat.”

Some of us listen to the commentators in Twenty20s who dilate on what went wrong in a particular match. They have so much to say about the players and the pitch. But I have never read a line, not heard a teeny word of praise for those hard-working, scantily-clad, grossly underpaid dancers who prance, leap and

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