In the galleries: Moving toward the transcendental

In some of the landscapes in “A Quiet Suspension of Time,” Loriann Signori depicts specific places, occasionally even dramatic ones. She is a plein air painter, after all. But this Gallery B show reveals that the local artist is walking away from the specific and toward the transcendental. The loveliest pictures have an otherworldly glow.

Signori calls herself “a painter of luminosity,” which puts her in the lineage of J.M.W. Turner, the 19th-century British prodigy who moved from realism to a sort of impressionism. Where Turner gave oils the spontaneity of watercolors, Signori’s other medium is pastel. Indeed, most of the works in this selection are pastels, often rendered in a narrow chromatic range in the quest for what the artist calls “color vibration.” Narrow distinctions between pinks, reds and oranges yield an enchanted haze.

Remarkably, the artist has managed to transfer this method to oil. Such serene yet vivid paintings as

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