In wake of terroists attacks in France, Muslims say Utah provides a safe …

For the most part, Utahns are able to separate those who belong to fringe groups from faithful adherents of Islam, the Rev. Koucos said.

“I think most of us, thank God, are aware of that. I think we realize it is an extreme faction that goes beyond,” the tenets of Islam, he said.

The Seerat-un-Nabi event at the Khadeeja Mosque falls two days after attacks at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, where gunmen killed 12 people and wounded others. Some have speculated that the shootings were in retaliation to Charlie Hebdo’s satirical depictions of the Prophet Muhammad, but police have yet to confirm a motive. The shooting prompted international dialogues about the sometimes contrasting roles of free speech and religious sensitivity.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the timing of the Khadeeja event was poignant.

Imam Mehtar condemned the attacks, adding that people who fail to turn the other cheek when offended “become part

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