Injection of ink, wit on TV show

Fort Wayne tattoo artist Ryan Hadley is pretty much sold on the idea that he’s going to be seen as a jerk on Spike TV’s sixth season of “Ink Master.” 

Premiering today, this season’s artists not only compete against each other but also against the person who should know their style the best: Their master or apprentice.

A series of challenges will test their technical skills as well as their creativity by having them execute tattoos of different styles on human canvases. With a $100,000 grand prize up for grabs and permanent ink in the mix, there was no room for error.

Hadley knew his 15 years of experience made him formidable, but his honest, off-the-cuff delivery, and how it blindsides his opponents, appears to be just as effective at throwing people off their game.

Or at least, that’s how producers appear to angle it.

In one clip, a contestant tells Hadley, “You have got

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