Interview: Spanish ambassador to China on art

When it comes to the art of diplomacy, there is one man whose work cannot be undermined. Manuel Valencia, Spain’s ambassador to China, recently held a solo exhibition entitled ‘Skin of the Sea’. On this special occasion, he brought us into a world of paintings and sculptures at his residence in Beijing for a chat about art, and the art of diplomacy.

Manuel Valencia, Spain

Manuel Valencia, Spain’s ambassador to China

“As soon as I enter the residence, I’m surrounded by beautiful and precious works of art from the East and West. Such is what characterizes Ambassador Manuel Valencia’s art. It’s an amalgam of influences from countries around the world, where he has traveled and worked. In the atrium of his residence is a painting of what looks like a lingzhi mushroom, done on Chinese rice paper, a painting that brought him to China,” he said.

His passion for China,

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