Interview with Rhinebeck artist/writer and Dinotopia creator James Gurney

Jim Gurney  Princess.

Jim Gurney Princess.

James Gurney’s exquisite paintings have brought to life ancient and fantastic worlds, including the Earth populated by dinosaurs in his famous Dinotopia series of illustrated books. Dinotopia won fans not only for its perfectly rendered imaginative vision, but also for its humanistic storytelling, which departed from the violence and dark worldview that often characterizes the adventure/fantasy genre. Paleontologists have praised the Rhinebeck artist for his accuracy: One scholar noted his knack for “giving the dinosaurs expressions I find believable…this has probably affected my own view of them.”

But Dinotopia is just one facet of a rich and successful career. Gurney has published eight books, including two artist’s how-to guides on technique. He has illustrated hundreds

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