Iraqi artist’s Beirut exhibition celebrates women – Al

Iraqi artist Sadik Jaafar is currently presenting a collection of his work, “Harmony of Light”, at the Chahine Gallery in Beirut — his first independent exhibition in Lebanon.

In this exhibition Jaafar, who has displayed his work in Arab and global capitals, depicts the female body using harmonious colours and light that brings out women’s inner beauty.

Jaafar said he links this theme to the earth because women represent eternity, continuity and fertility. He spoke with Al-Shorfa about his paintings.

Al-Shorfa: First of all, tell us about your background as an artist.

Sadik Jaafar: I was born in Baghdad and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Baghdad’s College of Fine Arts in 2002. I am a member of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association and the Association of Iraqi Photographers.

I have six individual exhibitions to my name, three of which were in Baghdad and one in Amman,

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