‘Iron Curtain’ Exhibition at Hebrew Home

Riverdale, the relatively quiet, verdant, quasi-suburban enclave in the Bronx, might feel a long way from an artistic hothouse like Bushwick, Brooklyn. Yet perched on the northwestern edge of the Bronx, overlooking the Hudson River, is Hebrew Home, a retirement community with an art collection that should be the envy of many large museums.

The original impetus behind the collection was to bring art to the residents, many of whom are unable to go out to see it. But the Picassos and Warhols that adorn the walls inside, and the large sculpture garden that surrounds the campus, can also be viewed by the public, with no admission.

The Home also hosts rotating exhibitions. It is currently showing “Under the Iron Curtain: Modern Art From the Soviet Bloc,” work by 18 artists made in the Soviet

Article source: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/21/nyregion/hebrew-home-in-riverdale-displays-iron-curtain-art.html

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