Is there still life in this city’s body?

While the G21 board was happy with the trip, it was only days after its return that Cr Bruce Harwood told the Geelong Advertiser that Geelong’s annual $400,000 contribution to G21 should be reviewed.

Having earlier said the organisation had “pretty much achieved what it was designed to achieve”, Cr Harwood queried whether it was providing value for money.

At the time, he said discussion was ongoing; those talks have gathered steam, with other councillors pushing for change in strong internal debate about their involvement with G21.

The issue has also been on the agenda in talks with other municipalities in recent weeks, and is expected to be raised with G21 chief executive Elaine Carbines – who has been on annual leave in that time – later this month.

Cr Tony Ansett is among a band of councillors voicing concerns about G21’s structure, claiming it had gained too much autonomy.

Cr Ansett says he believes

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