J. Todd Allison’s Strange, Surrealist Landscapes at G Gallery

allison_reminiscent vestige.jpg“Reminiscent Vestige” by J. Todd Allison

A Winnebago rides cresting waves like some mobile surfboard, while bouquets of esophagus-like flowers hang overhead and sprout from the water. An air vent unit twists and turns, an upside-down chair attached to one end and green petals shooting out of it like a leaf blower. Birds fly over a miniature living room scene, where a red book is as big as a couch.

These oil paintings by J. Todd Allison are, suffice it to say, surreal. They’re also some of the more concrete images lending themselves to description among the nearly 20 new works in a solo show currently up at G Gallery. In fact, many of the ink drawings and oil paintings consist of imagery that doesn’t seem to depict anything — or anything familiar, at least.

allison_laramie preparatuer.jpgArticle source: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/artattack/2012/12/j_todd_allison_g_gallery_art.php

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