Janet Fish’s PANOPLY to Open 2/13 at DC Moore Gallery

DC Moore Gallery has announced the opening of the exhibition Janet Fish: Panoply, which highlights major examples of the artist’s work from 1989 to 2008. Fish’s still lifes provide mesmerizing detail, and a captivating depiction of light and color, while hovering in a space between fluid painterliness and measured stillness. A catalogue with essay by Karli Wurzelbacher will accompany the exhibition.

Fish has said: “The real structure of the painting comes from the movement of color and light across the entire surface. What matters [to me] is the complex relationship of color and form from one area of the painting to another. Eventually everything is intertwined.”

Fish’s compositions are carefully considered, often rearranged and modified over the course of days, until they “feel right.” Though she would incorporate more spontaneity into the arrangement of later works, the interaction of objects has always been paramount, and her

Article source: http://www.broadwayworld.com/bwwart/article/Janet-Fishs-PANOPLY-to-Open-213-at-DC-Moore-Gallery-20140201

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