Jersey City, West Hudson tattoo artists leave their mark

Whether it’s a skull or a rose, a tribute to the dearly departed or a bit of prose, there’s more to a tattoo than ink on skin.

Just ask the boys down at Only Glory Tattoo, 437 Central Ave., in the Jersey City Heights. Started by Edgar Vidal, who passed away last July, the shop is now run by four tattooists who trained under the 34-year-old.

Pedro Rodriguez of Summit, better known as Manos, has been there for almost four years, watching Vidal work and picking up the art.

“Tattooing is hard because you have to work for your knowledge,” said Manos.

“You have to get knowledge from other people and watch them tattoo. You go into the tattoo shop at 8 in the morning and leave at 11 at night.”

While many tattoo artists inherit their styles from whomever they apprenticed with, Manos says Vidal let his tattooists develop on their own. If you

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