Keepin’ it real at Jacoby

ALTON — Contemporary realism can have a bit of a different meaning for different people. It is a representational type of art, where the art portrays something real, but may not be the ideal.

Landscape artist John Dean said an artist sees something, then creates it in his or her own version of how it appears.

“It might not look the same from one artist to another, each with a different interpretation, even in realism,” Dean said. “We as artists, want people to look closely to see something familiar, yet in a style they never thought of before. We want them to look at the work, then past it to see even more.”

In Jacoby Arts Center’s exhibit, Get Real: Contemporary Realism from Art Group 360, opening Friday, March 6, the six artists who make up Art Group 360 will display some of their work that demonstrates the wide breadth of contemporary

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