Kelly Richardson’s Beautiful Futuristic Landscapes Hide A Dark Secret

Kelly Richardson's Beautiful Futuristic Landscapes Hide A Dark SecretS

Kelly Richardson has exhibited her video installations at galleries all over the world. Captivating, silent visions of alien worlds and futuristic landscapes, her art seems calming and contemplative — but when you look further, you find something sinister. A warning about what awaits, if we don’t change course.

Top image: The Last Frontier, 2013. Photo by Kelly Richardson.

Richardson’s videos contain alarming premonitions of future ruin, and she attempts to use these VFX-heavy other worlds to lure people into thinking about the world we live in now, she tells io9:

Marshall McLuhan speculated that we could never fully perceive current environments until another replaced it. He used the example of the Industrialised world replacing Agrarian culture, for instance of which the latter became much

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