Kenneth James Nek, Portrait Artist

In 2007, Nek got his major break when Andrew Mwenda gave him a deal to draw faces of a number of people who have made a mark in history.

Since then, Mwenda has turned The Independent offices into Nek’s art gallery. “It’s been such a big boost because I have got so many deals,” says Nek, who was previously doing oil painting. He now focuses on realism. His biggest deal so far was $1,800 (about Shs 4.5 million). A few years ago, he was discovered by more corporate and government agencies.

This form of art is rather unpopular because Nek says most artists aim at selling abstract art pieces to European clients that view Africa as an abstract continent. This is why abstract art is most emphasized at art schools. He however says such artists portray Africa negatively because the continent’s problems are evident for the whole world so

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