Keys to a Passion, Fondation Louis Vuitton, Paris, review: ‘a mad modernist …

An installation shot of the exhibition, featuring works by Giacometti, Munch and Schjerfbeck

There are also excellent examples of lesser known works, including Francis Bacon’s first known nude, the ghostly back of a burly man as he slips behind a curtain; and Mondrian’s early experimental landscapes, vibrant pastels from a stage in his career when he began to focus on luminosity and the invisible order of things.

The works have been sourced from so many global institutions one begins to wonder if the Fondation’s curators didn’t take their Louis Vuitton luggage for a spin around the world, gratuitously selecting jewels from the best national and private collections.

There is a point to this mad modernist mishmash, though. The exhibition wants to make us think about the story of art, how it is always

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