Kids explore landscapes during MacNider art class

MASON CITY | With markers in hand, 9-year-old Darrion Rewerts, Mason City, began sketching a landscape scene Thursday night at the MacNider Art Museum, Mason City.

“I’m making a nighttime scene with animals like owls and bats,” said Rewerts, 9, Mason City. “I like the nighttime scenes because the daytime animals can go to sleep and the night animals can come out and stretch.”

The activity was part of the museum’s Kids’ Club, which is held monthly for ages 5 through 12. This month’s topic was landscapes.

Instructor MacKenzie Anderson explained what landscape art is and the different types, such as mountains, deserts and bodies of water. She also discussed how seasons and different times of the day can impact any landscape.

“What colors would be in a fall landscape?” she asked as the kids quickly responded with colors like red, orange and yellow.

The youngsters also viewed some landscape paintings, including a desert and

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