Kigozi lives life through his art

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Written by John Vianney Nsimbe

In the background of one imposing feature of Nyayo stadium in Nairobi city is one small hotel known as Hill Park.

Though not so prominent, it accommodates some prominent people each time of the year. And when they walk in, as they move through the hotel’s corridors, they are treated to the nice view of acrylic paintings by David Kigozi.

So nicely crafted are they that they don’t need much head scratching to interpret, as they provide a more realism element to them. But one hasn’t got to travel to Nairobi in earnest to feed off this range of great art because at Afriart gallery in Bukoto, Kigozi is exhibiting his latest works dubbed: “Some good moments of the olden days.”

The exhibition is on until the end of this month with a purpose to

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